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Installation prerequisites for ELA Blockchain node

Basic requirements for node infrastructure:

  • server with installed Linux Debian 11 64-bit
  • in case of VM it is necessary to have full virtualization (own kernel), due to use of Docker containers
  • subdomain blockchain.<company domain name> e.g. : blockchain.fccps.cz
  • public IP address, pointing to „blockchain“ subdomain

Before installation it is necessary:

Send email to kozak@elachain.cz with the following information:

  • node owner contact
  • technical person contact which will maintain the node (updates will be send to this contact)
  • domain under which node will run in the format blockchain.YourDomain
  • provider of HW/VM, where is node deployed

After receiving this information we will generate installation config file .install-env which is necessary for the node installation. We will send it to you by email in encrypted archive.

Hardware requirements:


  • CPU: 1 core
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • DISK: 30 GB


  • CPU: 2 cores
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • DISK: 100 GB

Next you have to setup another two subdomains:

  • peer0.blockchain.<company domain name> e.g.: peer0.blockchain.fccps.cz
  • peer1.blockchain.<company domain name» e.g.: peer1.blockchain.fccps.cz
  • assign DNS records of these two subdomains to the same public IP address like „blockchain“ subdomain
  • make sure that your provider (in case of your own HW, contact your IT department) allows access for the following ports through the firewall (all these ports are used by full installed node and its applications):
    • 7051 (TCP) - IN/OUT - used for peer0 communication
    • 8051 (TCP) - IN/OUT - used for peer1 communication
    • 3000 (TCP) - IN/OUT - gateway communication
    • 80 (TCP) - IN/OUT - http access for applications
    • 443 (TCP) - IN/OUT - https access for applications
    • 7050 (TCP) - OUT - communication port to orderer
  • if you allow using of Telegraf monitoring service, you have to enable following port in addition:
    • 8086 (TCP) - OUT

Your logo in Notarius application

If you want to have your own logo (see screenshot below) send us two images with a resolution of 250w X 50h px and 200w X 200h px in png format.


Node control manual

If you are interested in a complete list of node control commands, it is possible to create access to our wiki.

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